I’ve been MIA

I know I have been MIA. Completely missing in action. I have, however, been in action. This past month I have been very busy with school, parenting, looking for work AND I earned my TURBO Kick Certification!!!

In October, I completed the 8 hour course. It was INTENSE. I had never done Turbo for that long or that hard. Let me give you a short synopsis of the day.  It went like this:


It was 8am on a Sunday morning. I had also stayed up until about 3 am the night before, don’t ask.

Anyway, the training was set to start at 9am. I arrived early. There were maybe a dozen women there for the training. Most of them worked at gyms or had dance experience. I have neither and I was the only Muslim woman there. We started with a lecture about some safety issues, and did a practical portion, where we learned how to PROPERLY execute four types of punches and kicks. I say properly, becuase I realized that I was doing a few things wrong.  I learned a lot from the this portion. I also learned that I was doing my knee strikes wrong.

After that, we did our master class, where a few already certified people showed up to learn the choroegraphy for Round 37. It was a lot of fun learning the new choreography. It has a lot of great music.

After that we had a short break for lunch. I really didn’t get a chance to eat much.  I had a chocolate milk and a granola bar. The deli I went to did not have a lot of options, and deli tuna in my humble opinion is gross.

We then regrouped for some practical tips concerning class management and how to cue transitions etc. The instructor gave some really great tips.Did I meantion that my instructor had also lost about 50 pounds doing Turbo?!

After that, we split into groups and took turns leading a section of the class.

Then it was time for practical and writted exams. We had to do the same punch or kick combo until the instructor came to us and tested us on form, force and even facial expression!

The written  test was pretty much a no-brainer, although there were a few trick questions.

Anyway, I just got my certificate in the mail, and I will be teaching my first class on Nov 14th, God willing!


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