Best Yogurt Ever!!! Plus the job interview from hades

I have found the best tasting yogurt ever. I kid you not. It is thick, creamy, just sinful tasting. I swear this yogurt eats like a dessert, but it’s only 140 caloriers per 6 oz container. It is kinda high in sugar, at 20 grams but I consider it an occasional treat (especially since it costs $1.29/container) So without further ado, here she is…chobani1chobani2It’s Chobani brand Fruit on the Bottom Greek yogurt. I devoured her with Trader Joe’s gluten free granola. When I bought this granola, I had no idea that it was the gluten free package that I threw into my cart.I was grocery shopping with two kids, nuff said. I guess oats must have gluten in them, becuase this gluten free granola has corn puff thingies instead of oats. It’s kinda interesting. The corn puffs remind me of the Corn Pops of my youth (Remember those commericals? Gotta have my Pops!!) The granola also has walnuts, and dried fruits. Whenever I eat granola I’m super careful to measure it out. The reason being, is that granola is highly caloric. This was an awesome breakfast that kept me full for a long while.

Anyway, as you may know I’m a Graduate student and mother of two. I’ve been out of work since February of this year. Since then, I have been on the hunt for a job. I have worked as a teacher for grades kindergarten through 6th grade, but being in school does not leave me as much time to create lesson plans, grade assignments and conference with parents. So, I got the idea of applying for work as a pre-Kindergarten teacher. I figured that way I could bring my daughter who is pre-K aged to work with me, and perhaps even my son since a lot of time pre-schools are attached to day care centers.

So, this past Monday, I went on an interview for a job as a pre-K teacher. It was a decent looking pre-school/day care center close to my home.  I arrived 30 minutes early, with my resume, transcript and list of references in hand. I had even flossed that morning, I was ready.  I walked up the brick steps of the center and rang the buzzer expectantly.

The woman who answered the door was not wearing shoes. Seriously. You know those bright blue “sanitary” shoe cover/booty things that doctors wear during surgery? She had those on, but no shoes underneath. This would have been no big deal, except for the fact that hers were FILTHY They looked like they were on their 20th or so wearing. Am I the only one that finds that strange??

I offer my hand for her to shake, and she offers me the very tips of her fingers, while looking at me as though I’m the one wearing the filthy booties on my feet. I tried to brush off this slight, maybe she just isn’t a huge hand-shaking type of person.

Anyway, after introducing myself, she ushers me into her office. In the distance I hear a baby crying. Loudly. There are boxes littering the hallway leading to her office. Oh, and her office smelled like rancid fried chicken.  This story gets worse.

She informs me the full-time position that she advertised is actually a part-time position, but she might call me at 6am occasionally to come in for a few hours and then send me home. Oh, since they don’t have a cleaning crew, I will be expected to clean the classroom, floors, and BATHROOMS. She then asks me what my salary requirements are. I reply that I expect over $10/hour. She looks quite shocked and states that none of the “teachers” get paid that much.

Needless to say, this is not a company that I will ever work for. Oh, and that poor baby never stopped crying the entire time I was there.

by the way, don’t ever consider taking your child to a Child Time center, unless you’re blessed to find one run more efficiently then the one I had the displeasure of visiting.


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