I ate there: Mediterranean Grill

Do you like Mediterranean food? I love it. The other night no one felt like cooking. We considered outsourcing to the kids, but I think the best my 3 year old would ever be able to do would probably be bananas that have been accidentally smashed by her overzealous hands. So we decided to go to Mediterranean Grill. The food was absolutely awesome. Here is what we had:

DSC00697I had the falafel plate. I just love chickpeas/ garbanzo beans becuase they’re so versatile. I have made falafel before, but they never seem to turn out as great as this place. They grind the chickpeas superfine and add cilantro, parsley and mint, and spices like cumin. Of course they’re deep fried, but they cook in olive oil and you have to treat yourself occasionally, right? 😉 They were served with Saffron rice and Greek salad.

DSC00699My husband had the Fred Flinstone platter, also known as the lamb shank. I tasted his, and the lamb was super tender. It was seasoned with cumin and Cinnamon, and sprinkled with toasted Pine Nuts.  It was just perfection, and this is coming from someone who is not a big meat eater, at all.

DSC00698We also shared a plate of hummus. Like I said, gotta love chick peas.

Do you like Mediterranean food? What are some of your faves?



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2 responses to “I ate there: Mediterranean Grill

  1. mommyinmotion

    I’ve never had Mediterranean food, but it looks delicious! And I completely understand your “people pleaser” post. Whenever DH says he doesn’t like something, I instantly take it to heart, like it’s a negative reflection on me or my choices!

  2. Yea. It must be the nurturing side of us that makes us want to make people happy/meet their needs. At least with my kids I can get them to develop a taste for certain things, whereas with hubby, he has already developed his likes/dislikes and he tends to dig in his heels.

    You should definitely try Mediterranean food. It’s so good and they usually cook it with olive oil. I think I’ll post my falafel recipe soon.

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