Next Food Network Star: Debbie sent home

Have any of you been watching The Next Food Network Star? I have. I watched it last year, and I really like last year’s winner, Aaron McCargo Jr, and his show Big Daddy’s House. This season they have really had some amazingly talented contestants. I was sad when Jamika was eliminated two weeks ago. I knew it was over for her, though, when she actually said she was, “Pissed” during the Red Lobster Challenge. I wanted to scold her for that. I mean, would you actually use the term, “Pissed” on a job interview?

Anyway, on Sunday, Debbie was sent home. This week’s challenge was to make a meal inspired by the new film, Julie & Julia. Debbie calls her style of cooking “Seoul to Soul.”  She made braised short ribs over grits. The judges thought they lacked seasoning, and were not tender enough. I know she didn’t do her best job, but I think Jeffrey did much worse, with his Risotto that one judge called, “A disgrace to Italy.”

I doubt Jeffrey will win. I don’t gamble, but if I did, my money would definitely be on Melissa. I think she really has star potential. As you can see I have been watching the show closely. I also can’t wait for Top Chef to start up soon. I’m a sucker for a good cooking/reality show. 🙂

So, have you been watching? Who do you think will win?


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