Dinner: C-

OK. I got bored with the usual dinner, and I decided to do something different last night. I wish I could see it turned out great, but unfortunately, I have to give my creation a solid C-. So don’t make the same mistake I made. Here’s what went wrong:

the main culprit

the main culprit

I had bought this cauliflower and cheese sauce while I was grocery shopping last week. I decided to try putting it with pasta somehow. I know my DD doesn’t like Cauliflower too much, so I had what I tought was a brilliant idea. I decided to put the cauliflower and cheese sauce in the food processor and hopefully turn it into some type of a cheese sauce.

Here is how it looked after processing the life out of it.

Cauliflower mush

Cauliflower mush

Then, I added some seasonings and mixed it with some whole wheat pasta, topped it with cheese and threw it into the oven.

after baking

after baking

Well, as hopeful as it looked, it just did not taste good. It was pretty bland even after my seasoning it. Also, the cauliflower gave it a gritty texture.  Trust me, do not do this. Learn from my mistakes.

Do you have any kitchen distasters to share?


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  1. Salams–It was an interesting idea, so sorry it didn’t work. I’ve made the south beach faux mashed potatoes before which is essentially cooked cauliflower pureed with some milk and seasonings. Your dish reminded me of this. I actually like the mashed “potatoes” though.

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