This just in: I am NOT too old for American Eagle

Hi everyone. Let me tell you about my day. After Jummah, my mother graciously agreed to watch my daughter. So, hubby and I decided to go for an early dinner. Have you ever heard if the website groupon? Well, if you haven’t figured it out, it’s a combination of the words group and coupon. How clever. Anyway, if you sign up for updates, they will let you know about deals in your area. Last week I purchased a $35 worth of food at a restaurant called Boneheads. The coupon only cost $15. Great deal, huh? I had never eaten at the restaurant before, but I was pleasantly surprised. We still had our son with us, but he decided to sleep during our meal. If you’re a mom you know how wonderful it can be to enjoy a good meal in peace. Well, enough about that, let’s get to the food!

DSC00596My hubby had the clam chowder as an appetizer. I had a taste and it was yummy.


Then we both had grilled shrimp with corn & black bean salsa, sweet potato sticks and seasoned rice! Yummmy!

I doused mine with a generous helping of Piri Piri sauce. It was basically a nice hot sauce blend.  I wasn’t able to finish both of my shrimp skewers. The one that is left over will probably become part of my lunch for tomorrow. We were both able to eat AND bring my mother home a plate for the $35 coupon. Great deal. We will definitely be back.

After that, we decided to walk around the shopping center where the Boneheads is located. I decided to stop at American Eagle. I was actually sorta scared to go into that store. I discovered that at the ripe old age of 26, I am NOT too old for American Eagle. I found a nice top on the discount rack, and a cute scarf. Here’s a pic I took after I got home:DSC00623Excuse my messy bookshelf. The scarf big enough to wear as a hijab, and it was only $3.95 :-)

After that we went into Border’s. My son was awake by then and he spent some time playing in the kid’s section.DSC00601

I finished the night with a slice of low-fat lemon cake that my husband bought from Border’s and a handful of cherries.


The cherries were actually better than the cake. I’m just sitting here feeling incredibly grateful for the simply things in life.


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One response to “This just in: I am NOT too old for American Eagle

  1. mommyinmotion

    The simple things are the best things of all! It sounds like you had a great night out *and* found some awesome deals! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!! 🙂

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